Gangnam Style is satanic


Is this what is considered art now?

Is this what our young people take as a role model?
According to Science Degree in Sociology Catholic
University of CambridgeRonald James Dio.
It is extremely worrying.
Beelzebub broadcast every day his message of depravity, drugs,
heavy metal rockeratheistic fornication outside marriage
tattoosskydiving etcand now broadcasts THIS!


Gangnam What is styleWho is Psy?

The general public knows little about the origins of this
and the true meaning of this hymn to
destruction as Mephistopheles is responsible
that all that enter into the mind of the viewer / listener
are the orders of the commander of the Legion of the Underworld
(hellwho navigate the rivers of fire, Lucifer.
Rev. Hernan Diego Perdriel made ​​an exhaustive
research and came to these conclusions are true
indisputableThe Reverend H.D.P. We detailed some aspects
this sinful song, his dark backgrounds and video
mystical / political / economic exist around thisthe
Satanás Psy newest scourge (Yabrán Satanic Prophetwaspossessed by Beelzebub in the U.S. in the current year (2012).Before he was a devout Catholic in South Korea until it wasdonated to the church and go to confessionthat’s how Satan the evil, entered his bodyDuring his tenure, he composed and recorded thesong dismal Style Gangman talking about the joys of being an atheist and unconscionable waste of money on drugs, pot, alcohol,prostitutestattoos etc.

Thus attempting to incite these behaviors in youth.

Lucifer How does hitting your message through this true prophet of evil?

Very simple: Subliminal Messages and Hypnosis Demon.
The images and sounds are full of occult tools
to make us sin.
 His hypnotic dance creates a strange sensation in the area of
lower abdomen to the pelvic area to settle in the genital area.
This will encourage them to have sexual intercourse outside marriage.
 The sounds terrifying technology are based on studies
Scientists therefore are atheists.
 If you hear the letter backwards is able to distinguish the following

Mama, mama, chop LuciferLucifer greet
Clearly referring to sex meat mocking
Virgin Mary.

Saaaaaatán, as, Saaaaaaatans  ohhohooohh HIM
Names Satan and extreme black metal band HIM.

Whores, pay paysaaaatan, cork”
Not very clear but we are sure that references painting
black face (as hell) with burnt cork and give
money to a prostitute to practice fornication.

In his video appear scantily clad women, wanting female inciting disobedience.
0000495825 images (2)

What should I do if this aberration enters the sanctity of my home?

If in CD or cassette format, break or burn it immediately.

If you are on your computer, delete the file.

If your children are watching the video, turn off the electricity
throughout and splashing the eyes of their children with holy water.
You should also pray the rosary with them to drive away Lucifer.
If you find any of your children dancing in the video, should consider getting an exorcist, but surely his soul was already consumed by the evil and have no salvation.

Brethren, the devil is everywhere and constantly wants us to sin tolaugh at God.
Lurks, looks at night.
TOGETHER WE CAN send him to hell where he belongs!
Do not be afraid!



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