Satanic Reggaeton singers

One of the Satanic singers of this genre:

Daddy Jankee:


Daddy Yankee Member Of The Satanic Illuminati Organization



Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee has likely been chosen to promote the program to the community latina.Al principle, yield a picture of Daddy Yankee standing in a Masonic compass on the screen.
Daddy Yankee in a Masonic compass
if set is 6 Martians 
Daddy Yankee is surrounded by dancers who seems cyber-police/soldiers robotics.
The name of her new single is Descontrol, which means “losing control.



lords and not na But for the record of the covers of Yankee World are full of Masonic signs. 
  if you do not believe me look about Illuminati and symbols that areused devil worship to praise the minds of people to get a new order
symbols are everywhere …..
only explore masonic organizations and then see the covers ofyankee and open your eyes and see that is full of Satanic symbols.
The Eye of Horus is present …
Among other things.
Here is some of the covers of the cd ..

here you can see 6 figures forming several key points.


 if you look at this next to the front there is an eye yankee ..


and it is no coincidence that that eye in that place ….


This can be seen clearly in the eye between two triangular shapedlines forming the eye of horus 


 Another, which had its beginnings alongside Daddy Yankee:

Don Omar


The Puerto Rican singer was pastor of a Christian church. Today is known for transmitting subliminal messages in their songs, to reverse the songs, one of which is the lord of the night that has a hidden mystery that relates in some way to the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever you call it. OK, first tell the story, although it may be a little different in other countries do not think it makes much difference, because in principle take the same scene and the same story with a little variation. Then tell them why it is a bit more convincing story.

It is said that a night at the disco any unexpected happens and with little impact among the people, was a new club which was opening in the center of La Paz Bolivia, which had presented five friends 7 friends, 3 men and 4 women, 3 couples and obviously a single girl.

Just when it was almost 4:00 AM (GMT Thursday’s special to have this kind of mysterious events in many countries) is put on the music track in those days was very fashionable, The Dark Knight, imaginethat this title has something hidden about its meaning from several points of view, when amid chorus lyrics sung to the Lord of the night, I’m half man half animal, everyone except the girl is dancing that was left alone that had been without a partner, I mean the odd one in the group of 7 friends, when everyone was in full swing at the young girl had filed a boy dressed in white, a young man with clear skin , brown hair and blue eyes, this was a big reason why the young woman could not help to go dancing with.

When least expected the woman in the middle of the song is by Don Omar (imagine doing some step especially) had noticed the boy’s feet when to her surprise turned out to be a goat’s legs, such and which is seen a goat with two hooves, hairy, the great scare the girl came running and screaming directly into the bathroom of the club, for which this man (who at first seems to be the devil himself) runsbehind her, when all the music was turned off by the screams and cries for help of the girl from the bottom of the bath establishment, in the dark and half intrigue and bustle of people heard it, these friendsthe girl is going to look to the bathroom, to which the girl found with clothes torn and covered with blood throughout the body, the girl was all alone and nothing is known of this man who had invited her to dance.

According to comments from people who know the story will think this song from Don Omar called the Lord of the Night is an issue that has some relationship with the devil hidden because it has a content that is from a superstitious point of view can be drawn some hidden messages:

Dancing Alone This … that can never forget my:
It calls the same king of darkness, telling you that you have a dam ready to be objective about their plans. Obviously something happened after you can not forget.

The Lord Of The Night:
What the devil is assigned as the man who is absolute owner of the night, everyone knows that the night is often stage for many acts of evil, so it is full time for acts of invocation and many more, so which the devil himself is considered the Lord of the Night.

I’m half man half animal:
In the stories themselves the devil shows up as a animal, with horns, tail and legs of a goat, goat or any other animal with two hooves, then this refers to the devil takes much of his being an animal, while the same aesthetic appearance has the figure of a man, which says it is half man and half animal.

In your heart you should not play … to me to my:
It is known that when the apocalypse hell where the devil reigns will the punishment for those who were mean, in this case with those who play with heart, things morally and emotionally damaging, and in this section the devil makes a called to be reached on.

What makes you go to heaven and come down and kiss the same Hell:
Many people are able to fulfill desires that fill with happiness, but it shows directly that kiss hell itself.

I will be your eternal pain … it was not as easy prey:
It is known that the punishment one day when the day of judgment to go to heaven or hell to stay there forever, in this case to go to hell you came to be there eternally suffering in the fire with the devil.there will be no output.

Dream with me in a Pegazo fly, has a broken heart:

Many live well in this life at the cost of doing evil, which are thought to have a good life and are happy, but at the bottom are the heart and its future in hell.

These and many other phrases that I could find related to the devil in this song.

In some countries the song caused such panic that even had to censor and punish Don Omar as the ambassador of the Devil or the Antichrist. Yet the song is so catchy that even today still heard in some places.

don omar 3 don omar

Don Omar performing the sign of the beast 666.

You have the control to keep listening or not this type of music and thus easy prey Devil, have time to change, do not follow the steps thesame Satan wants us to follow.


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