Biographies of current WWE wrestlers

These are the current WWE wrestlers

Alberto de río


Alberto Rodriguez is a Mexican professional wrestlercurrently working for the WWEunder the name of Alberto del rio fight theirRaw brandBefore joining WWE, Rodriguez fought in Mexican companies AssistanceConsulting and Administration (AAA) andWorld Wrestling Council (CMLL) under the name Dos CarasJr.Rodriguez is three times world champion having won theChampionship CMLL World Heavyweightwhich continued for morethan a year and twice the WWE ChampionshipHe is also thewinner of the twenty-fourth edition of the Royal Rumble, which hadfor the first time ever with 40 participants and is the winner of theRAW Money in the Bank 2011, being the only fighter who got these achievements the same yearRodriguez was born in San LuisPotosi, Mexico, being the son of wrestler Dos Caras and nephew ofMil MascarasRodríguez graduated from Universidad Autonoma deSan Luis Potosiwhere he graduated in architectureAs his family a family of fightersRodriguez started practicing wrestlingbeing trained by Leonel Fernández and Juan KolesniIt had a place in theMexican national team wrestling, winning several championshipsduring this periodIn 1997, came in third place in the Junior World Championships in the Czech RepublicHe also won the Central American and Caribbean Games in his weight division three times and also won a medal at the Pan American GamesRodriguez was selected to compete in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Gamesbut could not attend because that year, Mexico did not send the wrestling team.

Imagenfamilia de alberto

 Fun Facts: Alberto Rodriguez was born in Mexico on May 25, 1977,under the sign Gemini, currently has 35, measured 1.96 and weighs 108 kg. Alberto del rio is married.


Antonio Cesaro


Claudio Castagnoli is a Swiss professional wrestler working for theWWE, known as Antonio Cesaro nommbre fighting Smackdowmbrand. He is known for his work in the American independent promotions such as CHIKARA, Ring of Honor and Pro WrestlingGuerrilla. He has also fought in Japan, Pro Wrestling Noah.

Castagnoli World Champion is once again having won the PWGWorld Championship. They also highlight their reigns as World Tag Champion ROH World Tag Champion of CZW and CHIKARA YoungChampion and one as U.S. Champion in WWE.


Fun Facts:
Antonio Cesaro was born in Switzerland on December 27, 1980, under the sign of Capricorn, is 32 years old now, and weighs 1.95 Measures 105.2 kg. Is Diva Aksana couple.

Alex Riley


Kevin Kiley is an American professional wrestler, known by the name of Alex Riley, working in the WWEAmong his achievements are his reign as heavyweight champion of the FCW FloridaOn July 18 in an edition of Monday Night RAW participated in a tournament for the WWE Championship, but failed to progress beyond the first round as he defeated The Mizthus ending the feud.On August 1RAW began a feud with Dolph Ziggler after interrupting his speech and say that Ziggler has only wonchampionships with the help of Vickie GuerreroThenen SummerSlam Ziggler challenged by the United States Championship in a dark matchbut was defeatedAt Night of Champions faced ZigglerJack Swagger and John Morrison for the championship of the United States where he could not win going Ziggler winnerAfter I leave the company without storyline and fightonly Superstars and NXTRoyal Rumble back in 2012 comingsecond, but was eliminated by The MizLater, it was used as ajobber against Brodus Clay wrestlers, Lord Hunico Tensai oragainst this in the dark match of Over The Limit EliminationChamber.En participated in the People Power Battle Royalbut failed to win the battlethen in no time Way Out helped John Cena inhis match against Big Show. In the edition of Monday Night RAWdelAugust 6 Dolph Ziggler defeated thanks to a distraction by ChrisJerichoOn September 21, announced on Twitter that would undergo elbow surgery and knee his last fight being a win againstJinder Mahal

alex rnovia


Fun Facts: Alex was born in the United States April 28, 1981, now 31 years, under the sign of Taurus, measured 1.91 and weighs 107kgHe has a girlfriend.

Big Show


Paul Donald Wight, Jr, is an American professional wrestler, better known as The Big Show currently working for the WWE. Before joining WWE, Wight worked for the defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under the name of The Giant, which was twotimes World Heavyweight Champion WCW.

His achievements include seven reigns as World Champion:Champion two as WWF / E, two as World Heavyweight ChampionWCW, one as ECW World Champion and two as World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE, being the only wrestler who has owned the greatest championships WCW, WWF / E, ECW,and being the third and final wrestler (after Kane and CM Punk) to have won three World Championships in the WWE and also the only one to have won the 4 world titles that have been within the powers of the WWE (WCW World Heavyweight Championship,ECW World Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship). They also highlight his three reigns as World Tag Champion in WCW, a reign as U.S.Champion in WWE three reigns as WWE Hardcore Champion, a reign as Intercontinental Champion, five reigns as WWF / E WorldChampion Couples and three as Champion WWE Tag. All these achievements make him a champion of the Three Crowns andGrand Champion. He was also the winner of the WCW World War 31996.


Imagenbig show vickie kiss beso traicion cuernos edge








Fun Facts: Paul Donald was born in United States on 8 February 1972, under the sign of Aquarius, is 41 years old now, and weighs200kg measured 2.13. has a daughter named Closes Wight. Big Show was involved in a scandal with Vicky Guerrero.


Brock Lesnar


Brock Edward Lesnar is a former mixed martial arts fighter andAmerican professional wrestling. Lesnar worked from 2008 to 2011in the business of mixed martial arts Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It is also known for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment / WWE, where he worked from 2000 to2004 and from 2012 to the present.

Lesnar is a three-time World Champion: After obtaining three reigns comoCampeón of WWE (his first reign was as Undisputed Champion). It was the last undisputed WWE RAW to defend notleaving that mark without championship. He was also winner of theKing of the Ring in 2002 and winner of the sixteenth edition of theRoyal Rumble. Lesnar trained as a wrestler at Webster High Schoolin Webster, South Dakota, where during his senior year he had a record of 45-5. He later attended the University of Minnesota, whichhad as an assistant to another professional wrestler SheltonBenjamin. In 2000, Lesnar won elNational Collegiate Athletic Association Wrestling Heavyweight. Previously he was part of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, also struggling in the Bismarck State College. Also noteworthy is the Heavyweight Championship of theNCAA he got in 2002. Brock Lesnar was in the School of MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) since 28 April 2006, in which he won a victory against Choi Hong-man in South Korea. Before coming to theMixed Martial Arts School, went through the New Japan ProWrestling, where he was almost 1 year, winning the IWGP WorldHeavyweight Championship against Masahiro Chono anddefending champion Kazuyuki Fujita, the October 8, 2005 . BrockLesnar debuted in Japan against Min Soo Kim in the first assaultganadole after launching on and winning by KO technical as theJapanese could not defend himself, leaving the mark 1-0-0

brok y sablehijaDaughter´s Brock

Fun Facts: Brock Lesnar was born in the United States on July 12, 1977, currently has 35 years, under the sign cancer, currently since 2006 Rena Mero‘s husband, former diva, known to all as Sable.Brock Lesnar has one daughter, Mya Lynn who was born on April 10, 2002 with his former partner Nicole, also has a stepdaughter withMero: Mariah, daughter of Mero and her former husband WayneRichardson. Both had their first child together in June 2009, a son named Turk. They had their second child in July 2010, a boy named Duke. Brock measured 1.91 and weighs 120.7 kg.

Brodus Clay


George Murdoch, is a professional wrestler and actor known for his appearances in the Deep South Wrestling and FloridaChampionship Wrestling. Currently working in the WWE under the name of Brodus Clay. Murdoch worked as a bodyguard before hisprofessional wrestling career, being contratatado by celebrities likeParis Hilton and Snoop Dogg. His interest in wrestling he was instilled by Tommy Dreamer, who he met while working as a doorman at a nightclub


Fun Facts:

George Murdoch was born in the United States on February 21, 1980, under the sign of Pisces, today is 33, measured 2.03 andweighs 170 kg.

Chris Jericho


Christopher Keith Irvine better known by his ring name Chris Jericho, is an actor, television host, radio host, rock musician (in the band Fozzy) and Canadian-American professional wrestler. He has worked in several of the world’s best known companies, such as the World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment / WWE, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Wrestling Council (CMLL).

Jericho has won a total of six World Championships, three World Heavyweight Championships, a WWF Undisputed Championship and two WCW Championships. It also has the record for most reigns as Intercontinental Champion, which won nine times, likewise holds the record as the most wrestlers wrestler has been removed and most times have you participated in the history of the struggles of being the Elimination Chamber winner of the event in its 2010 edition. They also highlight their reigns as WCW World Television Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, ECW Television Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, World Champion WWE Tag Team Champion and Unified WWE Tag. All these championships novenoCampeón make it the Triple Crown and fourth Grand Champion, being the only one to win all the titles that are needed for the latter.
His father, Ted Irvine is a former player in the National Hockey League (NHL). Although born in the neighborhood of Long Island City Manhasset, New York, Irvine was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Vince McMahon felt that present him as “born in Manhasset, New York” would cause American fans support him.
He is married and he and his wife Jessica Lee Lockhart has three children, a son named Ash Edward Irvine, who was born on September 24, 2003, and twin daughters. It has two tattoos on his left hand, one showing her wedding ring and the other in the back of the hand is a letter ‘F’ for his band Fozzy plus it is a born again Christian.
On July 5, 2004 was awarded the Order of the Buffalo Hunt in a ceremony held in Manitoba for his achievements in wrestling and his commitment to working with underprivileged children. The prize has been awarded to outstanding individuals as Pope John Paul II, Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago, and Mother Teresa.
On February 7, 2009, Irvine was involved in an incident at having beaten a fan after she spat at the exit of a House Show held at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria, British Columbia.Video footage, however, clearly showed that he had no contact with the woman. As a result of the incident, police detained them, but released without charge. Police later announced they would not pursue charges against any involved as it was “hard to determine who provoked who”. On 27 January the following year he was involved in another incident again when he and fellow wrestler Gregory Helms were arrested in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky after leaving a bar. A police report stated that Helms punched him to Irvine and others to leave the bar at a gas station after being intoxicated by alcohol.
In August 2010, Christopher was involved in an incident while on tour in Japan in WWE. During one of the battles of Jericho, he went into the stands and, after exchanging small provocation, attacked an audience member, who was none other than the Japanese professional wrestler known NOSAWA Rongai. Seeing that Jericho looked ready to start a fight, Yoshihiro Takayama rose from the seat next to Rongai to defend his teammate, which prevented the incident was over.
In January 2012, it was announced that Christopher (along with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and the third baseman Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves) became co-owner of a new sports training center in Tampa, Florida llamadoD1 Sports Training and Therapy.

familia jericho chris y niños

Fun Facts: Chris Jericho was born in the United States on November 9, 1970, currently has 42 years, under the sign of Scorpio. He is married and he and his wife Jessica have three children, a sonnamed Ash Edward Irvine, who was born on September 24, 2003,and twin daughters. Jericho measured 1.80 and weighs 102.5 kg.Jericho is the current lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy. He had a relationship with former diva Kelly Kelly.

chris y kellyk y chris 



William Jason Reso better known as Christian Cage (TNA) or simply Christian (WWE) is a Canadian professional wrestler and actor who worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and currently works for WWE.

Reso is six times world champion having won twice the World Heavyweight Championship of the NWA Championship twice and twice the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in WWE. Also highlighted his four reigns as Intercontinental Champion, nine asWorld Tag Champion and a European Championship reign,Lightweight Champion and Hardcore Champion making it a champion of the Three Crowns and fourteenth Grand Champion.

christian 2

Fun Facts: William Jason Reso was born in Canada on November 30, 1973, under the sign of Sagittarius. Currently has 34 years,measures 1, 89 and weighs 96.2kg. It was a couple of former divatrish

christian y t4years7

CM Punk

cm punk

cm punk

Cm Punk is the stage name of Phillip Jack Brooks, American professional wrestler working for the WWE.

Punk is a seven-time World Champion, having won a reign as ROHChampion, a reign as ECW Champion, three reigns as World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE and two reigns as WWE Champion, and being together with Kane the Big Show, 6 the second wrestler to get all three WWE world titles. It also has reignsas Intercontinental Champion and World Tag Champion, whichmakes him Triple Crown Champion. He has also won two Money in the Banks followed in WrestleMania XXIV and XXV.

Before joining WWE, he worked on the independent circuit, particularly in the promotion Ring of Honor (ROH), where he won theROH World Championship and ROH Tag Team Championship. In 2005, Brooks signed a contract with WWE and was sent to OhioValley territory developing Wrestling (OVW), where he won every championship of the promotion.

Throughout his career he has been recognized by the straight edge,a lifestyle to refrain from drinking alcohol, use of snuff products,drugs, and refrain from being promiscuous, which leads in their daily lives and also used as gimmick

cm-punk-1cm punk y maria

Fun Facts: Cm Punk was born in the United States in the city ofChicago, on October 26, 1978, currently has 34 years, under the signof Scorpio measures 1.85 and weighs 97kg. It was the formerboyfriend of diva Maria.

Cody Rhodes

images (1)

Cody Garrett Runnels better known as Cody Rhodes is an American professional wrestler currently working for the WWE. Cody is the son of Dusty Rhodes, famous superstar and is now retired brother DustinRunnels (Goldust).

Among its achievements have been three times World Champion inWWE Tag side by Hardcore Holly and two with Ted DiBiase and Champion in WWE Tag with Drew McIntyre and two reigns asIntercontinental Champion. Also got the Heavyweight ChampionshipOVW Southern Championship match for the OVW TelevisionChampionship and the OVW, winning major titles promotion


Fun Facts: Cody Rhodes was born in the United States, June 30, 1985, currently has 27 years, cancer sign. It measures 1.87 andweighs 97.5 kg. It has a relationship with the former diva BrandiReed.

Damien Sandow

damien s2Aaron Haddad is an American professional wrestler. Currently has a contract with the WWE, wrestling as Damien Sandow. of World Wrestling Entertainment and has also competed for Ohio ValleyWrestling and the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico.

damien sdamien san

Fun Facts: Daniel Sandow was born in the United States on August 3, 1982, is 30 years old now. Under the sign of Leo. It measures 1.93 and weighs 108 kg.

Daniel Bryan

daniel 3

Bryan Danielson is an American professional wrestler, currently working for the company WWE, where he fights under the name ofDaniel Bryan. Danielson is better known by its nickname as The American Dragon. Danielson noted for his work in manyindependent companies worldwide, such as Ring of Honor (ROH),Full Impact Pro (FIP), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), ProWrestling Noah and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG).

Danielson has been five times World Champion by winning theROH World Championship, the World Heavyweight ChampionshipFIP World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE PWG, 2 times the PWG World Championship. The WWE has a reign asU.S. Champion of the WWE and one as Champion in WWE Tag isalso the winner of the second edition of SmackDown! Money in the Bank in 2011.

daniel 2daniel b y nikki bella

Fun Facts: Daniel Bryan was born in Washington DC on May 22, 1981, now 31 years, under the sign of Gemini, is 1.75 and weighs95.3. At the beginning of 2012 had a relationship with AJ Lee, iscurrently partner Nikki Bella.

David Otunga

david o 

David Daniel Otunga, Sr., is an American professional wrestler, currently working for the WWE, wrestling on its Raw brand. Otungahas twice won the championship match for the WWE, once with JohnCena and another with Michael McGillicutty also the Pro WrestlingIllustrated chose him as the Rookie of the Year. Otunga graduatedfrom Harvard Law School. Otunga married singer and actressJennifer Hudson, Otunga proposed to her in the Hudson‘s 27th birthday. Otunga accompanied Hudson throughout Spring and Autumn 2008 in the promotional events for the debut album. In August 2009, Hudson gave birth to her first child with Otunga, a boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr.

david y jdavid o 3

Fun Facts: David Otunga was born in the United States on 7 April 1980, currently has 33 years, under the sign of Aries, measured 1.83 and weighs 103.9 kg. Today is the husband of Jennifer Hudson, both have a 3 year old boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Dolph Ziggler

d zigler

 Nicholas Nick Thomas Nemeth, is an American professional wrestler working for WWE under the name Dolph Ziggler. He has also fought under the names of Nicky and Nic Nemeth. He is also the older brother of fellow wrestler Ryan Nemeth.

Among its achievements are being World Champion once again toget the World Heavyweight Championship WWE. Also a reign asWWE Intercontinental Champion, one as U.S. Champion in WWEas World Champion and one match for the WWE as Spirit Squadteam member under the Freebirds Rule. All this makes it the twenty-second of the Three Crowns Champion and Grand Champion in the fifteenth. He was also winner of the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank 2012.

dolph 2 dolph ziggler

Fun Facts: Dolph Ziggler was born in the United States July 27, 1980, currently has 32 years, under the sign of Leo, measured 1.83 and weighs 96.6 kg. Nikki Bella‘s boyfriend was and now is AJ Lee. 

Drew Mcintyre


 Drew Galloway, better known by his ring name, Drew McIntyre, is aBritish professional wrestler, currently working for the WWE. His achievements include a reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion,one as Champion WWE Tag, one as Florida Heavyweight Champion and one of the FCW Champion Young as the FCWFlorida. Galloway grew up in Prestwick, Ayrshire, Prestwickstudying at the Academy, graduating in criminology at GlasgowCaledonian University. He was a reserve player football teamRangers FC and considered a career as a young professional player. In July 2009, Galloway proposed to Taryn Terrell, the WWEwrestler Tiffany and reported that the wedding would be held in January 2010. They married in La Vegas, Nevada in May 2010.However, on May 24, 2011, Terrell announced that both were divorcing


drew 2 drew

Fun Facts: Drew was born in Scotland, UK on June 6, 1985, currentlyhas 27 years, under the sign Gemini measured 1.96 and weighs115.3 kg. He was married to the former diva Tiffany Terrell in 2010but divorced in 2011. One of the group members 3MB.

Evan Bourne


Matthew Joseph Korklan is an American professional wrestlerbetter known by his stage names Matt Sydal and Evan Bourne.Korklan currently working for the WWE.

Korlklan has worked since the late 90s on the independent circuitas Matt Sydal, struggling companies like Total Nonstop ActionWrestling (TNA), Ring of Honor (ROH), IWA-Mid South DragonGate and Wrestling Society X (WSX). Among other accomplishments, a reign as Champion ROH World Tag alongaChristopher Daniels. After signing with WWE, he was assigned to its developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he won the OVW Heavyweight. In the WWE, once obtained the Team Championship with WWE Kofi Kingston. Korklan parents are school teachers. He has a younger brother Mike, who fights under the name Mike Sydal in Ring of Honor. He attended ParkwayWest High School in St. Louis. In 2001, Korklan enrolled atUniversity of Missouri, studying marketing, as he was not sure if I could make a living from wrestling. He continued to wrestle,attending college three days a week, while wrestling mid-week andweekends. graduated with a BA in 2005 and began working as vice president of sales and marketing for a small mailbox company in St.Louis, although he continued to fight.

evan y su novia evan 2

Fun Facts: Evan Bourne was born in the United States on March 19, 1983, currently has 30 years, under the sign of Pisces, is 1.75 and weighs 74.8 kg.



Jonathan Johnny Curtis is an American professional wrestler working for WWE under the gimmick of Fandango.
Among other accomplishments, having achieved twice Florida Championship match for the FCW and be the winner of the fourth season of NXT.

Curtis began training with Killer Kowalski and debuted in 1999. He fought for various independent promotions in the New England areain the coming years. He competed in the Power Leage of Wrestling(PLW) from 2000-2003, during which time he won the New EnglandPLW, which held 364 days, from 19 May 2002 until 18 May 2003. He also competed in the Premiere Wrestling Federation (PWF) andOctober 28, 2002, was associated with Kenn Phoenix to win theNortheast Championship match for the PWF defeating Fuzion (MikePaiva & the Sword). However, they lost the November 15 to Paiva &Mikaze Kid. He also wrestled in the National Wrestling Alliance, TotalNonstop Action Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling and NWA Wildside.

On October 23, 2012, debuted with a new gimmick, that of a tangodancer in a dark match of Smackdown.27 November 5 RAW aired a video showing the new character, called Fandangoo, 28 but 6November, Smackdown, aired another video, changing the name toFandango.3 were never carried out Fandango fighting sincecomplained about his bad pronunciation when the announcers saidhis name by refusing to fight, shortly after beginning a feud with ChrisJericho because this made ​​fun of his name, attacking for several weeks, agreeing a match for WrestleMania 29. At the event, Jerichodefeated Fandango after investing their Walls Of Jericho in an InsideCradle.


fun facts: born in the U.S. Fandango on July 23, 1983, currently has 29 years, under the sign of Cancer. It weighs 1.93 kg and measures110.7

Heath Slater

heath 1

Heath Miller, or better known as Heath Slater, is an American professional wrestler currently working for the WWE. His achievements include three reigns as Champion in WWE Tag with Justin Gabriel. Trained by Curtis Hughes WWA4 Pro Wrestling School in Atlanta, Georgia, Miller made his debut in August 2004.After his debut, Miller participated in several independent promotions in the southern United States, including Georgia Championship Wrestling and NWA Wildside. In 2004, while training in WW4 Pro Wrestling School, Miller appeared in an episode of Blue Collar TV series. In December 2006, Miller signed a contract with WWE and was assigned to Deep South Wrestling (DSW) in Atlanta, Georgia. When WWE was separated from the DSW, was transferred to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in Tampa, Florida. In June 2007, Miller appeared as manager Shawn McGrath under the name Heath Wallace Miller Esq, since then, Miller went back to using his real name, as manager of struggling and wrestling indivudual McGrath.

Miller started defending the Southern Championship FCW Heavyweight Champion in aid, Ted DiBiase, Jr., who suffered an injury. Ted left the championship and the January 19, 2008, Miller was declared champion.

During the weekly show of FCW’s March 22, 2008, Miller fought against the Heavyweight Champion of the FCW Florida Jake Hager in a title unification bout in which he was defeated. The September 11, 2008, won the Florida Tag Team Championship with Joe Hennig, defeating Scotty Goldman & Kafu and Nic Nemeth & Gavin Spears. In September 2008, changed his name to Sebastian Slater. On August 13, 2009 Tyler Reks defeated, winning the Florida Heavyweight Champion of the FCWen a fight where Joe Hennig also participated, but on September 24 he was defeated by Justin Angel losing the Heavyweight Champion of the FCW Florida .

heath 2 3mb

Fun Facts: Slater was born in the United States July 15, 1983,currently has 29 years, under the sign cancer, measured 1.88 andweighs 98 kg. One of the group members 3MB



Dylan Mark Postl, is a professional wrestler with dwarfism, U.S., who works for the WWE under the name Hornswoggle. In several fightsaccompanied Finlay.

Postl highlights accomplishments within the fact that the lastCruiserweight Champion in WWE history.

horns 5 horns y finlay

Fun Facts: Dylan was born in the United States May 29, 1986,currently has 26 years, under the sign Gemini, measured 1.28 andweighs 62 kg.

Jack Swagger


Jacob Jake Hager, better known by his stage name Jack Swaggeris an American professional wrestler currently working for WWE. She was a member of the development company Florida ChampionshipWrestling (FCW), where he once the Florida Heavyweight Championship and unified it with the Southern HeavyweightChampionship FCW. Hager is twice World Champion to have once been the ECW Champion and World Heavyweight Champion again,and it’s a time U.S. Champion. He was also the winner of the Money in the Bank at WrestleMania XXVI.

jack s ca yy

Fun Facts: Jack was born in the United States March 24, 1982, now 31 years, under the sign of Aries, measured 2.01 meters and weighs122 kg, was married in 2010 to the current model and former divaCatalina White. Had a relationship with the diva Alicia Fox

fox y jack swager

Jinder Mahal


 Yuvraj Raj Dhesi is a Canadian professional wrestler better known by the stage name Tiger Raj Singh and Jinder Mahal who works for the WWE SmackDown brand.

Dhesi is of Indian Sikh lineage separated and speaks Punjabi,English and Hindi. He is the nephew of wrestler Gama Singh and has a degree in communications and culture at the University ofCalgary. While most Calgary wrestlers trained in the infamousDungeon, Dhesi began his wrestling career in the Martial ArtsFitness Center in Calgary, Alberta, where he was trained by formerWWE Superstar “Razor Rick Titan and the Premier Martial ArtsWrestling (PMW), where he worked under the name of Raj the Future” Dhesi. He then went on to train with Champagne JerryMorrow and Bad News Allen in New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo.EnStampede Wrestling (Canada), after working for a time with HybridWrestling Coalition (HWC), Dhesi teamed with his cousin GamaSingh, Jr., as The Karachi Vice, and Sikh n ‘Destroy. In March 2005,the team won the International Championship match for theStampede Wrestling keeping it for eight months. They won the titlefor the second time in December of that year, holding it until November of the following year. He also worked for the PrairieWrestling Alliance, where he was the PWA Champion from 2008 to January 2010 and also a three-time Champion in Pairs. Dhesi also competed for Great North Wrestling (GNW), where he had rivalrieswith wrestlers like Samoa Joe and Hannibal. In December 2009,traveled to Tampa, Florida, to test the developmental territory of WWE, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). In the test, SteveKeirn, Pat Patterson and Mike Rotunda saw him wrestle but Dhesithought it would sell to the WWE would be his ability to speakPunjabi and authentic costumes as his turban. He recalls: I thinkthey needed a Hindu type, were looking for one.


Fun Facts: Jinder born in Canada on July 19, 1986, currently has 26years, under the sign of cancer, measured 1.96 and weighs 100 kg.Is a member of 3MB

John Cena


 John Felix Anthony Cena in West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States) is a professional wrestler, former bodybuilder, actor and singer. Work for the professional wrestling promotion WWE since 2001.

Among its achievements are highlighted twelve World Championships: ten as WWE Champion (becoming the most capped fighter won the title) and two as World Heavyweight Champion. They also highlight his three reigns as U.S. Champion in WWE, two as World Tag Champion (Shawn Michaels side and another with Batista) and two reigns as champion in WWE Tag (onewith David Otunga and other with The Miz). He was also the winnerof the twenty-first edition of the Royal Rumble and the WWEChampionship Money in the Bank 2012. Cena was born on April 23, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He attended SpringfieldCollege in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he made ​​it to be selected as All-American in Division III of the NCAA, the centerposition on the football team at the university, using the number 54.He graduated in 1998 with a degree in Exercise Physiology, withthe goal set on pursuing a career as a bodybuilder. Cena writeswith his left hand. You are a fan of animejaponés and mentioned that his favorite anime movies are: The Fist of the North Star,Inuyasha, and Dragon Ball Eyeshield 21. Also said to be a fan of the video game series Command & Conquer and noted that it was hisfavorite game. As also mentioned being a fan of the Boston RedSox, Tampa Bay Rays, the New England Patriots, the BostonCeltics, and the English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur.

john 2john ca y nik

Facts: John cena born in the United States on 23 April 1977.Currently has 35 years, under the sign of Taurus, measures 1.85 and weighs 113.9 kg. Cena married his high school sweetheart, LizHuberdeau in 2009, but they divorced in May 2012. She is currently dating former WWE Diva Nikki Bella‘s sister.

Justin Gabriel

justin gabriel

Paul Lloyd, Jr., better known as Justin Gabriel, is a South Africanprofessional wrestler currently working for the WWE. Among its achievements are a reign as Heavyweight Champion of the FCWFlorida, Florida Tag Team Championship and three of the FCWChampionship match for the WWE.

justin y kelly

Fun Facts: Born in South Africa on March 3, 1981, currently has 32 years, under the sign of Pisces, measured 1.77 and weighs 82.6 kg,had a relationship with former diva Kelly Kelly began in October 2010and ended in March 2011. 


kanekane 2

Glen Thomas Jacobs is an actor and Spanish-American professional wrestler working for the WWE, under the name ofKane.

His achievements include three reigns as World Champion: once as World Heavyweight Champion, one as WWE Champion and asECW Champion. He is the first fighter who has achieved themaximum three titles besides WWE CM Punk and The Big Show. It was also a time Hardcore Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, two-time champion in WWE Tag once world championmatch for the WCW Champion and nine-time World Tag. It is alsothe eighth champion of the Three Crowns and third Grand Champion. Lucho paired with undertaker, which was called the brothers of the destrucción.También won the Money in the Bank in 2010 and has the second wrestler’s record with the highest numberof participants in the elimination of Royal Rumble with a total of 35under Shawn Michaels with 41.


kelly y kanekane y lita 2

Fun Facts: Born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain on April 26, 1967, currently has 45 years, under the sign Taurus, measured 2.13 and weighs 146.7 kg. He had a relationship with former diva Lita.Currently kane married.

kane y su esImage

Kofi Kingston

kofi ki

Kofi SarkodieMensah better known as Kofi Kingston, is a Ghanaianprofessional wrestler working for the WWE. Some of hisachievements include four reigns as Intercontinental Champion, two reigns as U.S. Champion, World Champion in a reign WWE Tagalong with CM Punk and two reigns as champion in WWE Tag along with Evan Bourne and RTruth.

kofi 2 kofi kings y su esp

Fun Facts: Kofi born in Ghana, Africa on August 14, 1981, now 31years, under the sign of Leo, measured 1.83 and weighs 96.2 kg,was married in 2010.

Mark Henry

 mark h

Mark Jerrold Henry is an American professional wrestler andweightlifter currently working for the WWE.
Among his achievements Henry was twice World Champion after winning a reign as ECW Champion and one as World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE. It also highlights a reign as EuropeanChampion. Outside of wrestling, participated in the Olympics inBarcelona 92 and was winner of the Arnold Classic Strongmancompetition, becoming the strongest man in the world.
Henry was born on June 12, 1971 in Silsbee, Texas. His father,Ernest, died of complications in diabetes when Mark was twenty.He has an older brother, Pat, and a cousin named Kevin Henry,which was losPittsburgh Steelers defense. When Henry was fourteen, he was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder thatmakes reading and writing. In April 2010, Henry was involved in an incident with a fan in Belfast, Ireland, where he held a book signing.Apparently, Henry was insulted by a fan named James McClay, to which Mark responded by throwing a drink. After that, Henry had to be restrained by John Cena, Randy Orton and Chavo Guerrero, andhe was about to quarrel with the fan physically. Some accounts sayMcClay was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.

mark h 2mark 3 mark 2

Fun Facts: Mark was born in the United States on 12 June 1971,currently has 41 years, under the sign of Gemini, measured 1.92 andweighs 190.3 kg, currently lives in New York with his wife Jana and his son Jacob.



Ronald Aaron Ron Killings, better known as R-Truth, is an American professional wrestler currently working for the WWE.Among its achievements to date include two reigns as world heavyweight champion (having won the World Heavyweight Championship twice the TNA) 1 a reign as World Tag Champion of the TNA, two reigns as WWF Hardcore Champion , a reign as U.S.Champion in WWE Champion and one as WWE Tag along with KofiKingston.


r tru 2 logo de r truh

Fun Facts: Truth was born in United States, Atlanta, Georgia on January 19, 1972, currently has 41 years, under the sign of Capricorn, measured 1.78 and weighs 99.8 Kg

Randy Orton

randy o

Randall Randy Keith Orton is an American professional wrestlerwho works for WWE.
In his career he has been nine times World Champion, six timescomoCampeón of WWE and three as World Heavyweight Champion. It also has reigns as Intercontinental Champion andWorld Tag Champion. All this makes him Triple Crown Championand also the winner of the twenty-second edition of the Royal Rumble. Within the family of Randy, his grandfather, Bob Orton Sr.,his father, Cowboy” Bob Orton, and uncle, Barry O, wereprofessional wrestlers. This background has allowed to call as athird-generation wrestler. He has been nicknamed “The Viper (The snake), The Legend Killer” (The murderer of legends), because of its recurring feuds with legends of professional wrestling

45924_395216927239728_630944457_nrandy y kelly

Fun Facts: Randy was born on April 1, 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee,United States. currently has 33 years, under the sign of Aries,measured 1.96 and weighs 106.6 kg is married to Samatha Spenoand they have a daughter together. It was the former boyfriend of diva Kelly Kelly.

Rey Mysterio

rey m rey m cara

 Rey Mysterio is the stage name of Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio, is anAmerican professional wrestlerMexico working for the WWE.

Mysterio is known internationally for his fighting style air and startthe cruiserweight revolution in the United States in the early 90s,after passing through the professional wrestling companies WorldChampionship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). He was also elected for three consecutive yearsthe best fighter flying, according to the magazine WrestlingObserver Newsletter.

In his career, has managed hold the World Championship three times, thanks to two reigns as World Heavyweight Champion andhis reign as WWE Champion. They also highlight two reigns asIntercontinental Champion, four as Champion in WWE Tag-eight ascruiserweight champion. He was also the winner of the nineteenth edition of the Royal Rumble and Triple Crown Champion. Also a member of the Hall of Fame of the AAA


rey niño familia rey

Fun Facts: Rey Mysterio was born in Chula Vista, Mexico on December 11, 1974, currently has 38 years, under the sign sajitario.It measures 1.68 and weighs 79.4 kg, since 1996 married to AngieGutierrez with having 2 children.


ryback 1


Ryan Reeves is an American professional wrestler working for theWWE, under the name Ryback

Before entering battle, Reeves was on the show WWE Tough Enough, and was one of the eight finalists. Then he was sent todevelopmental territory Deep South Wrestling and FloridaChampionship Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestlingdesde 2005 until 2007. He also served on the first season of NXT in 2010 where he was in sixth place.

ryback 2

Fun Facts: Ryback was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States on November 10, 1981, now 31 years, under the sign Scorpio, measured 1.91 and weighs 132 kg.

Santino Marella

santino m


Anthony John Carelli, is a Canadian professional wrestler who works for WWE, under the name Santino Marella.Entre theirachievements include having achieved two-time WWE Intercontinental Championship, once the U.S. Championship of and once the WWE Tag Team Championship in WWE. Also got twicethe OVW Television Championship and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded him in 2007 and 2008 with the award for BestCharacter.

On May 1, 2008, Carelli was arrested on a charge of driving underthe influence of alcohol by police in Tampa, Florida, but was released on a $ 500 bond. Santino participated in a struggle which won divas, calling Santina Marella.

santina marellasantina santino abrazobeth phoeni y santino

Fun Facts: Santino was born in Canada on March 14, 1979, currentlyhas 34 years, under the sign of Pisces, measured 1.81 and weighs105.7 kg. Carelli has a daughter. Diva boyfriend was Beht Phoenix.

Daughter´s  Santinohija s


sheamus 1

Stephen Farrelly is an Irish professional wrestler currently working for WWE, under the name Sheamus.
Among its achievements to date include three World Championships, two as WWE Champion, and one as World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, also pipe a reign as U.S.Champion. He was the winner of the King of the Ring 2010, RoyalRumble 2012. While in Florida